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Our Services

Solar Streetlights

We work with local & central governments, as well as residential and commercial property developers to address their public lighting needs through the deployment of solar streetlights.


Solar for Agriculture

Today there are still a billion people that live on $2 a day. The majority of people who live with this reality are farmers with small plots of land. They grow the food they need to eat and hope to sell in the market. Without the ability to invest in labour-saving equipment, they make just enough to survive. We work with charities, NGOs, investment organisations and local community leaders to bring low cost labour saving solar based equipment to farmers, such as water pumps, irrigation units and milking machines. We also work with larger commercial farmers looking to save money by switching from conventional diesel and electrical equipment to solar.


Mini Grids

Hundreds of millions of Africans still do not have access to electricity. We offer off-grid mini grid solutions that can power villages and small towns. We also offer solutions that integrate solar streetlights, container shops and mobile clinics with the mini grid.


Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating systems, or 'thermal solar', use free heat from the sun to warm hot water. Using the sun to heat your hot water will drastically reduce your electricity bills. We can supply solar water heating systems to domestic and non-domestic customers.


Clean Water Solutions

A shortage of access to clean water is still an issue for many Africans. We provide solutions that can turn contaminated water into clean, safe, drinking water. Our clean water systems can be installed in family homes (4-5 people) in a 25 litre storage unit. We also have larger systems that can address the drinking water needs for up to 200 people.


Personal Hygiene & Wash Facilities

Many homes in shanty towns and very old neighbourhoods across Africa do not have sanitation facilities. Not only do they not have these facilities now, they are also unlikely to ever have them because of the vast expense associated with installing the necessary infrastructure. Clean and accessible sanitation will improve the health and lives of some of the continent's poorest citizens. We work with local communities and local governments to build and service public baths and lavatories.


Off-Grid Solar Solutions

We provide solar solutions in residential buildings, residential estates, commercial buildings and campuses to move them from conventional electricity. We can provide completely off-grid or hybrid solutions. We are open to partnering with developers and architects to integrate solar solutions into developments and buildings at the design stage.



We work with local and central governments to help them with their renewable energy strategy. We can help them identify international programmes they can tap into which can assist them to reach their goals. We provide advice on billing solutions for off grid systems. We can help you decide the best locations for your solar streetlights and much more.

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